1)Yes this PSA is very effective. The purpose of this PSA was to inform and to not text and drive at the same time. They portrayed a real life situation really accurately by using real people and making the situation look really realistic. I can tell that the people who worked on this spent a lot of time, effort, and money of this PSA.

2) Here is a PSA that I found which looked interesting The purpose of the PSA I linked was to inform you on why safety is so important. To me this is useful because the video demonstrates how helpful safety precautions can be.

Why diplomas are important

1. How could the lack of a diploma affect a person's health? Give me an example and explain.  The lack of a diploma could affect a person's health.  Most people who don't have a diploma can not afford health care as they make little to no money. As a result, people without a diploma are more prone to illnesses as they can not afford modern day medication/health care.

2. Having 1 million students not complete their high school diploma is very harmful to society. Not only is that a big number that increases every year, but these students that drop out make $10,000 dollars less on average. Lots of these dropouts can afford nothing and if this rate continues there will be millions of homeless people and will just contribute to poverty.

3. Having 25% of highs school freshmen graduate is really bad. Schools make much less money because the students are not graduating on time at all. To fix this I would have after school tutoring or help. If there was more of this more people wou…

Why so-so grades are ok

1. Grit it when one sets a long-term goal, or endstate, they use powerful motivation to achieve their objective. It is needed because many people these day think they're brilliant and perfect and when they get harder material and can't figure it out they just give up. I agree with the part about entitled child culture. So many people don't use grit as a way of learning because they think they are just so smart. When they do something challenging they don't evens stand a chance so they give up.

2. Gradual progress and consistent effort builds into a person as many parents tell their kids that it's not good to do anything last minute. This is important because it develops a good habit of not cramming in any work and doing it slowly and gradually and doing it on time. Think about it this way. You have a long long project to do for your boss and it is due over a few days. You gradually work everyday and you finish on time. If you crammed it not only would it come out b…

GPA matters.

1. Josh mitchell demonstrates that college/degree training is much more important nowadays as GPA matters a lot. If you look at the graph in the article you can see the immense difference in the amount of money you make depending on your GPA. A one-point increase in high school gpa can increase your earning from about 21% more to 42% more.

2. Better grades are linked to a greater probability of going to a graduate school and earning an advanced degree. As years have gone on, GPA has been more and more impacting on our income/whether we get into a college or not. Here is a link that talks about how much GPA matters in high school.

3. The correlation between high school grades and overall education attainment was the strongest for minorities. African American and Hispanic men are more likely go to college and graduate school than whites with similar GPAs. This may be as a minority student with good grades may be more motiva…

Military School

1.I think the reason behind the 27% increase was because many people want their kids in military school as it teaches them discipline. In the article it says 82% of the school are low income workers. That means most of the people are probably attending it are trying to get an education for better jobs. The school teaches discipline and much more and it sets a lot of kids right on track. Here is an article that explains 5 reasons why military schools are good.

2. The purpose of this article is tell people why military schools are good. They use examples to explain how successful military schools are. They also talk about what happens in a military school.

3. It is very important to develop student responsibility. With more student responsibility people will attend school more, not as much skipping.  To improve student responsibility at South Haven I would add much more stricter…

Social Media & School

1. Personally I believe social media should not be a deciding factor on whether they accept you or not. Social media is a place to vent how you feel. Why would it be a deciding factor? You could've posted something ridiculous on there when you were 12 and they could decline your application because of that. I just believe that this is just unnecessary.

2. I agree with this observation. Lots of kids these days try to put on a fake persona and blend in with people. They don't show who they really are because they fear people won't like them or accept them as a friend. People feel as if they are more liked if they put on a fake personality instead of who they really are. Here is an article that goes more in-depth on this subject.

3. The high school rules are examples of what we should do in and out of high school. They are set to keep us safe. The high school is preparing us students for future jobs and schooling b…

Living on minimum wage

1) I will buy the apartment Madeira. Its located on 1610 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001. It costs around 550 a month and since I have someone with me that's like  $275. I found the apartment here.

2) My phone bill was 100$ and  about 200$ for all the gas used, car insurance is around 200$ a month in Michigan, about $60 for the electricity bill, around 200$ for the gas bill. I'd pay around 150$ a month for food and 50$ for internet and around 50$ for video games. That's already over $800 and my partner paid for some of it. Now technically I'm in debt, and probably even more because I didn't list everything else I need to pay for. I will slowly get out of it as I'll make like $250 every month of extra cash

3) Living paycheck to paycheck would be really stressful. I would have literally no money to live on and won't ever be able to buy things i want because …