Monday, January 9, 2017

The TED Talk.

1)Frederick the Great changed the perceived value of the Potato by eating it a lot. It used to be seen as bad and no one would eat it. Since Frederick was a king people looked up to him and wanted to be like him so the perceived value of the potato changed and everyone liked it. Ataturk used perceived value to deter women from wearing the veil by making prostitutes wear them.

2) Rory's idea about the trade ride to France falls under perceived value. Since he put good looking men and women on the train, people thought the ride was much shorter when it was actually the same span of time. This is perceived value since people think the ride is shorter but it actually is not.

3) It is much more effective trying to change perspective versus reality because people's perspective on things change easily. Think about trends, there are so many and people think they have to do whatever the trend is because it makes them cool. Teenagers will do anything to make them fit in. Changing people's reality is very hard because it's what they believe in. This also talks about how perceived value is much more effective than reality.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ads V3

1. I believe that the pools people cite in a study are not accurate. They can be from only certain age groups. Some age groups have different beliefs as other. Older people think videogames are dumb because they grew up without them but us young kids have been exposed to video games at a young age. Here is a website which goes into more detail on why polls can be inaccurate

2. Throughout this argument unit i have not had a real struggle yet. The only struggle I can think of is the time it takes to do somethings but other then that it is pretty easy.  Research is a little struggle because I do not have the motivation to search super hard for something.

3. This ad for old spice using multiple hooks. First of all it uses celebrity appeal because the guy on the horse is Isaiah Amir Mustafa. This ad also uses repetition. In the sentence ¨Smell like a man, man." it repeats man twice. This ad also uses branding value. Old spice is a well known product and attracts a lot of attention that is why it says on the ad ´Old Spice´.
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Monday, December 5, 2016


1. It is very important to support an argument with data/proof. If you wanna have a valid argument you have to back it up with facts. If you do not back up your argument with data or proof then no one will believe you.  By supplying data/proof your argument will be much stronger. Here is also a link that goes more in-depth why its important to support a claim with evidence.

2. An alternate claim is important to a researcher or an advertising firm.  It is very important to show how some hooks are good, but this one is better. For example an expert quote might appeal to an older audience because maybe it is a quote from one of their favorite actors or singers, but, ads that use celebrities are much better because they are profitable with teens which make a lot of money.

3. My audience for this paper is the classroom. They know as much about ads that I do maybe even a bit more or less. I will have to prove to them that using Tone of Voice and Celebrities are the best hooks for advertising. The only way I can achieve this is by making valid claims supported with evidence.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Yacht Ad

A. This ad is using messaging value which means that you need a product or you will not fit in or be cool. I can tell that it is messaging value because it directly states that owning a yacht is a necessity. It is trying to say you must own a yacht. For me I would not care at all about owning a Yacht because I have no use for it I would sell it.

B. The claim that would impact my choice if I wanted to buy a product would have to be the unique claim. If something is going to hook me to buy a product is has to be unique. It cannot be cheesy like “Shouldn't you buy the best?“. I just find that utterly dumb and would not buy that. An unfinished claim has no power in it that would make me want to buy it. It is just plain dull.

C. They would use messaging value over branding value because a lot of people are self conscious. They feel like if they do not have the cool things everyone else have then they wont fit in at all.  It would make them way more money then branding value because this method will bring in new customers and earning much more money.

Here are some helpful ways to advertise

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet Love

1) I believe this story is romantic love. Everything happens so fast. They fall in love as teens and start a fast relationship. This can't be true love because their relationship had a lot of recklessness involved according to recklessness according to the story. In the story is also states the kind of attraction they had between   is tied to physical interaction. The truth is their love is like flames which burn themselves out quickly.

2) Compassionate love is better because it is slow and steady. Situations aren't rushed and everything takes times so no fights or anything happen and you can get used to the person. Romantic love is fast and it has a lot of conflicts. Whether its family conflicts or between them they're bound to happen.

3) Romeo is much more responsible with his emotions. Romeo is self controlled; I haven't read anything in this article about Romeo crying like Juliet. Romeo also handles situations calmly. I believe Juliet is less emotionally responsible because in the article it says Juliet inevitably falls prey to her raging emotions and hormones. This means she can't control her emotions to the best of her ability.

This is a website that is very informative about Romeo and Juliet's love.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1) Romeo and Juliet can also be labeled as a political story. Since Romeo married Juliet the Prince exiles him and says he will execute Romeo if he returns to the city. This also brought up many questions. Should he be loyal to his family? His feelings? His faith? His prince? These all relate to politics back in the day.

2) Romeo and Juliet fit the structure of a tragedy in many ways. Both Romeo and Juliet made errors when it comes to their relationship. Romeo and Juliet got married rather early which resulted in problems with the Prince. They also ignored the family feud that was occurring. This  resulted in Romeo and Juliet committing suicide.

3) The theaters from years ago and today are very different. Back then you would either pay to have benches as seats or you stand in a pit with people also watching. There were also no microphones or lights when they did their play like today because none of that existed. Instead of watching the play people usually  drank and ate.

Here is a link that better describes the themes of the book.

Monday, October 10, 2016


1) I usually go to bed at 11 PM. There are many factors for this. First I have to do my schoolwork.  That usually takes up a lot of my time. Then I like to play videogames so that's some added time. After that I got on my phone at night and read or watch videos. I may even go to bed later if I forget about time.

2) There are many reasons why students should not go to school as early as they do. It makes people perform worse academically as people may be tired resulting in less focus. Most students get about 5 hours of sleep compared to the recommended 9 we should get everyday. Also people who get 4 hours of sleep on average have insulin levels compared to early stages of diabetes.

3) It's really important to take sleep seriously. According to the article a study at Brown University says teenagers need about nine hours of sleep to maintain full alertness and academic performance. So if you want to perform at your top level in school you need 9 hours of sleep and that's rather hard to achieve if you have schoolwork in High School or College. So in conclusion, if you get good rest you will do better in school. Here is a link to a site that shows why not a lot of sleep can result in lower academic performance.